SOLD___150 Gallon tank and equipment - Sump - ATO --$250 for all!!

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  1. DClark

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    I broke down my 150 gal glass tank for an upgrade. It has been cleaned and is ready for setup. Drilled with one 3/4 return - two 2 inch overflows out of in tank box to sump--- I know--huge. Other equipment listed- priced to move! Tank has a few very fine scratches in the glass that are barely seen. You have to look hard at an angle.

    150 gallon 48x24x30 - with black stand -- $120.00
    5 gal Ruby Red Trigger Systems ATO - $30.00
    Trigger Systems Ruby 30 Sump - drilled out inlets for 2" pipe (you will have to use tie on filter socks) - $50.00
    Tunze 9410 Skimmer (works like a beast) - $50.00

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  2. cameronkclements

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  3. DClark

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    here are some pics.

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  4. Oaklawnrook

    Oaklawnrook New Member

    I am interested in this tank and set up. DClark, I sent you a directed message.

  5. DClark

    DClark New Member

    Pending sale to Oaklawnrook.
  6. fattytwobyfour

    fattytwobyfour Well-Known Member

    Did this sale?
  7. DClark

    DClark New Member

    Tank sold -= I'll put a couple ATO's up next. Thank you!
  8. Oaklawnrook

    Oaklawnrook New Member

    Dclark, thank you again for the tank! It's looks great in the house.

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