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Discussion in 'General Reef Discussion' started by xystic, Feb 27, 2018.

  1. xystic

    xystic Active Member

    Can't seem to get photobucket working. Is there any other sites or methods for uploading pictures?

    Vanessa says that If i don't have pictures it hasn't happened. Trying to upload some 2018 rock flower babies. I have a good spawn this year.
  2. Botheboss

    Botheboss Director-At Large

    I just hit the upload file button. But I’m always on my phone don’t know how it works on the computer.
  3. Botheboss

    Botheboss Director-At Large

  4. huntindoc

    huntindoc RRMAS BOD Membership Director Staff Member

    Use a free web hosting site like Imgur. Then you can imbed the picture making it better quality and easier to view.
  5. xystic

    xystic Active Member

    Thanks guys, I'll give it a shot.

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  6. xystic

    xystic Active Member

    Anyone able to see the attachment?
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  7. Botheboss

    Botheboss Director-At Large

    Holy smokes!!! You gonna sell me some of those? Lol
  8. xystic

    xystic Active Member

    Those are my adults. I have a very healthy and large batch of Baby RFAs this year, so if things go well, I may have several for sale in a few months. It comes down to how many will survive.
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  9. Botheboss

    Botheboss Director-At Large

    Awesome, I hope things go well. Keep me in mind if you decide to part with some. Do you go to meetings? I’m not good with matching screen names to faces lol?
  10. cameronkclements

    cameronkclements RRMAS Supporter

  11. xystic

    xystic Active Member

    I'll be sure to let you guys know if I have any for sale. This year, I feel pretty good that I'm going to have a lot more than last. The colors are also better.

    I would love to go to meetings but I work most weekends and weekends I'm off, I head out to work on my parent's farm.

    Most of the time, I'll meet members thru Buy/sell/trade or at a frag swap. I generally take off to atleast try to make one a year.
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