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    David Harrington

    David, known to family and friends as DC, is Arkansas born and raised. He lives in Benton with his wife of 21 years, 2 children, and menagerie of pets which include 2 dogs, 3 house rabbits, 2 cockatiels, and multiple marine aquariums. DC began the hobby in January 2015 but started his research well before then. He currently has a 120, 29, two 10's, and a 5 gallon. His new project for 2017 will be a 54 gallon Red Sea Reefer for his wife, Leslie. All of the fish in DC's tanks are members of the family, therefore, each have been named and are spoiled and loved daily!
    Favorite Fish: Blennies.....every tank needs a bleeny! Their spunky personalities can make a tank!
    Favorite Coral: Euphyllias. The wide range of choices and the movement they add to a tank are appealing!
    Favorite Invertebrate: Bubble Tip Anemones....There's just something about those gorgeous anemones and waking up every morning wondering if they went for a walk and destroyed your tank!

    DC looks forward to serving the members of the RRMAS and the marine community. He feels as though he has HUGE shoes to fill but is proud to accept that challenge!

    DC can be contacted at vicepresident@razorbackreef.com
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