NWAAS September: Livebearers - No Longer Child's Play

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    Greg Page Bio:

    Greg Sage BM., MEd., has written for "Livebearers," the Journal of the American Livebearer Association. He led the ALA as chairman for two terms, from 2000 to 2004. He has written articles on livebearers, livebearer husbandry, selective breeding, setting up fish rooms and automatic water changing systems for numerous club publications. Since 2008, Greg has spent a few days a week as a visiting researcher, assisting Limia research at the fish lab at the University of Colorado, Boulder, in association with Dr. Alex Cruz. He is the owner of Select Aquatics of Erie, Colorado, a licensed wholesale and retail seller of tropical fish.

    Speaking to clubs since 2000, Greg has spoken at conventions and fish shows throughout the country, particularly since the start of Select Aquatics in 2009.

    A fish geek since middle school, Greg has gone from having a bedroom with 10 tanks of guppies to a 120-tank fish room, where he breeds large numbers of many rare and difficult to obtain livebearer species-- as well as some barbs and catfish.

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