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    Looking to shut down my 155 and my critters need homes. I've had this population of critters for at least 5 years now - some perhaps more. Point is: for the last 1+ years these guys have all been in the same tank without stuff coming in or out. If they have any diseases they have been dormant for quite a while. It's pretty evident I've lost interest in the tank - last summer I had my alk dosing pump go out and I didn't catch it for quite a while so my corals just went to heck.

    Long tentacle nem and Skunk clown - a pair for sure.
    Derasa clam probably @8 in across or so.
    Pacific Blue tang @6"
    Royal Gramma - @5-6"
    Blue Chromis - @4"
    Clown @2" (he's the newest member to the tank - I've had him well over a year)

    Various corals, as you see in the pics.

    I've a pretty full and busy life so make me offers and let's get these critters to good homes. Once that's done I'll be listing the equipment.


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  2. jonwright

    jonwright RRMAS Supporter

    BTW- the nem is easily 26" when fully stretched out - this is in a 6' wide 155 gal tank.
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    Interested in royal gramma

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