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    So I've been drooling over this tank for a couple months now and we FINALLY were able to go pick it all up yesterday! Unfortunately everyone is going to have to live in temporary containers for a few more days because Friday my wife tells me she wants to paint that wall first. :mad: But I've got a 20, a 10 and a large tub filled, heated and circulated, all with live rock.

    So after the move everyone seemed quite ticked off but I think most will bounce back. During the day the temp was up to 79 outside but it was so late when we finally got out of there and then drove for 4 hours that the water temp dropped quite a bit by the time we got home. We got heaters and pumps going and got everyone in the house quickly though, so I think it will be ok.

    So current livestock is: 1 Clown tang (approx 3.5"), a coral beauty angel, a 6-line wrasse and a black and white clown (with tinges of orange) ... and a ton of corals, many of which I don't know the names of so I'll need help with identification there. I'll take some good pics of each thing but I can post a few of the tank before breakdown too.

    I'll also eventually list out the equipment and all but for now it's a mess!
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    Here are some of the pics.. any help with coral ID is much appreciated. Be as specific as possible about which one you are talking about.. feel free to mark up the pics!
    IMG_0311.JPG IMG_0312.JPG IMG_0313.JPG IMG_0324.JPG IMG_0330.JPG IMG_0332.JPG IMG_0333.JPG IMG_0334.JPG IMG_0335.JPG IMG_0336.JPG
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    I do know the:
    Frog spawn
    Sun coral
    Tube anemone
    Other anemone in front by glass (what kind?)
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    I just brought in one of the Kessils and lit up the bin. Everything looks so much happier than last night! And I'm sad (glad?) to say I'll have a few frags to trade! Lol
    IMG_0377.JPG IMG_0379.JPG

    Those big flat corals sure are fragile. The small one on the top right of the first pic is super thin and just trying to lift it gently broke off some pieces :-/ everything also got pretty sloshed around during the ride home so I'm sure once I get everything out and start arranging I'll find more pieces.

    @NatalieMadison I'd be happy to give you something in return for the sun coral you gave me! I'll let you know what all I've got once I get it identified and arranged. It's still all such a mess!
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    Also if anyone has some extra RODI tubing (specifically that yellow piece on the bottom right (intake)) or where to get some that would be greatly appreciated! When we moved the station we unhooked the unit board and the cable was attached to the hose thing. I totally forgot to unhook it before we left because I left the big water hose since I'm going to hard plumb it. Does Home Depot/lowes sell that type of tubing? What about some sort of adapter to plumb to pex? Thoughts on how to do this?
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    Current rescued frags. Not sure what they are or if they will thrive but at least they aren't floating around the bottom of the bin anymore!
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    Got the tank in the house!! It's not at all clean or even close to being set up but it's in the house!


    Plan for tomorrow is going to be to work on getting everything underneath sorted out and hooked back up. Then I'll probably fill with filtered water and vinegar and let it run and self clean for a day or two then drain, vac out and refill with RODI water and salt and let that run and get to temp. Then I'll probably move some of the rock over, add some sand and Watch parameters for a couple days then move the rocks with corals over and arrange everything. If all is holding steady I'll probably start moving and arranging the rest of the corals. The rocks are still in a live environment so hopefully I won't get more than a small cycle bump. I'll probably add some bacteria too for good measure.

    I'm still undecided on how to proceed with the fish. I really think I want to keep them in the 20 for a while and possibly treat prophylacticly just to be sure they are healthy before adding to the tank.
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    Home Depot or Lowes have the same tubing for the RODI..I'm not much help w identifying coral other than the obvious that you've already listed as I'm still learning myself..I bought a 90 gal tank that was still up and running..I transferred all the live rock and coral in the established water from the tank..I put a power head in w the buckets of live rock and coral till I could get tank setup...I used vinegar and water w a few fresh razors to get tank all cleaned up..I ended up w prolly 50 gals of the established water and added the remaining with a new mix to the tank and sump once I got the tank cleaned and fresh sand added..I still had a cycle but was painless within a month..Hope this helps you..sounds like what you wanna do would be more than what I've done so don't see it hurting anything..I'm a fan of the rimless tanks, they have a very clean look..will be looking forward to seeing your progress on this setup
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    That's actually very similar to what I'm doing. It was easier for me to transfer a lot to a 10 and 20 gallon tank and leave some in the large tub than to do the tub and buckets. All are heated, lighted with rock and power heads. All but about 10 gallons of it is old tank water. I plan to add what I can of that to the new tank also once i get it going for real. And since it was really all only sitting for 4-5 hours without heat or circulation I am hoping I don't have too much die off. Almost all of the corals have opened or colored up. Maybe a couple taking their time. And also as part of the set up I'll be running a skimmer, GFO reactor and UV filter so hopefully I won't have any crazy algae. And thankfully the tank is quite clean, just sandy and full of pollen from sitting outside overnight and most of the day today. The overflow has lots of little tube worm calcifications and salt buildup and the sump is pretty gross though so I want to give it all a good scrub. I'll probably run a new filter sock every day for a few days and clean out the tubing too to help remove as much gunk as I can before starting up since any bacteria that may have been beneficial would most likely be dead and just add to the problem at this point.

    Oh! I was unloading the water changing station today and found the yellow tubing!!!! We did something there and the hose part fell off the stand so we set it aside.. I was thinking the tube was attached there but it was actually attached to the plastic holder part that was still screwed into the stand. So I just removed it this afternoon and put it with the unit. I'll still need to figure out how to plumb it into the pex coming from the whole home filter though.

    Anyway, that was long.. do you have a tank thread? I'd love to follow along! When did you set up your tank? Doing it now?

    Edit, I'm an idiot! I've already been all over your thread, just didn't realize whose it was! Lol
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    Ok I snapped some pics of most of the corals so I can start getting everything identified so I can place accordingly when everything gets setup. Feel free to mark up or be specific on which ones you are identifying, please. I have an idea on a few but just not sure.

    They have been slightly adjusted for warmth only so the colors would be closer to true.

    Mushrooms.. what kind?

    From top left counter clockwise: favia/acan? Acan lord? Trumpet, green something, orange something.

    No clue but whatever it is has encrusted over that shell.

    Green/red not sure, green acan?


    Acans.. kinds?

    Not sure..

    I don't know sticks!!

    Don't know either..

    Top left-bottom right: don't know, acan?, don't know..
  11. LJC6780

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    Acan lord? Favia?

    Don't know either

    Mushrooms, what kind?

    Zoas, kind? Acans, kind? Don't know the orange on the right.

    Zoas, kind?
  12. Fishbait

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    Red Mushrooms near the top looked like ricordea. NICE!
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  13. Fishbait

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    In picture 7, there is at least one seriatapora (birds nest) if not two and what appears to be a short tentacle plate coral (lps)
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  14. Fishbait

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    Blue mushrooms are everyday run of the mill coralmorphians. Pretty though.
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  15. Fishbait

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    2nd picture the orange something is a scolymia I think.
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  16. Some great looking coral!
  17. LJC6780

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    Thanks guys! I'll get to researching those.
  18. LJC6780

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    I love them!!! There are some more on another rock but they are all pretty small. If I can figure out how to frag them maybe we could trade or something.
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    I hope that helps
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    Yes tremendously!! I'm totally making a list for reference! At least having the names gives me a starting place to research them more. I wasn't even sure where to start on a lot of them!

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